Sunday, September 28, 2008

A General Update

Well, my stepson & his fiancee have decided to get married in Las Vegas. So, our next adventure will be to travel there for the wedding. Actually, we were supposed to leave yesterday...but that's OK...we'll just have to drive a little faster!

Will & Crystal are flying out, but we're taking the camper, a 31ft Hitchhiker 5th wheel, which I love. It is so nice to sleep in my own bed with my own clothes in my own drawers! It is very comforting to me to have my own "stuff" around me! Hopefully, the trip will be uneventful, relaxing and refreshing.

We had planned to celebrate my Grandmother's 100th birthday in Pompano Beach (9/26). Then the wedding plans came into view...and we were struggling with how to manage all of this and not lose our jobs (LOL!). Well, Grandma solved the problem for us by flying to Germany to visit with other members of her family for her birthday! Can you imagine, flying to Germany at 100 years old! Well, she's a heck of a lady, let me tell you!

I stumbled on a blog of interesting recipes earlier...I thought I would share with you. Then, I need to finish loading the camper so we can leave, hopefully in an hour or so. (I call it a camper, but it really is a vacation home on wheels!) I'm so ready for this trip...