Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Canadian Splendor

This piece features the richness of Canadian jade and tourmaline, the softness of pink opal, and the incredible beauty of ocean jasper, including a handcrafted toggle clasp, set in fluid fine silver! A faceted tourmaline briolette dangle creates sexy movement! The beauty of the stones just sets this piece off!
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Tiger Eye

I thought I was going to have to wad up all of this wire and throw it away. . . this bracelet just didn't seem to work until it was almost finished. . . Now, I just love it (except it is for someone much smaller than I!!) A great office executive piece!
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More Goodies!

I was told this stone is "Stripe of the Tiger" in chinese, but I"ve also seen it called Moka Jasper. This bracelet turned out very well, and is designed to fit a small wrist.
This pair of earrings reminds me of the shape of "paisley", with golden yellow honey jade and calcite beads!
A gorgeous ruby red abalone shell pendant! This is a 2-tone pendant, with the woven bezel in 26g sterling silver.
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Sensational Tourmaline!

The tourmaline in this pendant is really terrific--there is a lovely chatoyancy (or shimmer) to the mossy green stone. The rounded border wire is hand coiled in 28g sterling silver and embellished with little polished tourmaline chips.
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Middletown Peach Festival

Last Saturday (8/18) was the Middletown Old Tyme Peach Festival in Middletown, DE. Turnout, I thought, was very good. Let me tell you, we had a fabulous day! And I was under a big, leafy maple tree--didn't even put up my ez-up!

Dolores, of Dolores Michels Photography & Design, was next to me with her fantastic photographs! Until you have seen them, you will just think she's "another photographer". But, honestly, her photos will knock your socks off! She has this knack for getting her subjects (insects, trees, birds, whatever) to pose for her. And then she has this technique she uses that makes her photos look like paintings. You really should make an effort to see her work if you can.

Then, Joe, of Pens n Things, was next to her with his exotic wood pens. The pens are stunning. What a great gift idea for those who have everything! He has Olivewood that can only be found in Bethlehem (need a gift for your Minister??) He even has mesquite wood pens!! (A great idea for the barbecue enthusiast!) Joe will be at the Arden Fair on Sept. 1.

Next to Joe was Kathleen of Oh Baby, Tye Dye!!. Tye dye is making a comeback, and Kathleen has a very nice selection! She has baby onesies, ladies tops--rib knit--t-shirts. She has a full range of sizes, really nice tops and a fantastic knack for color. I have 2 of them--they wash very well--and she preshrinks them. Kathleen will be at the Arden Fair, too.

Monday, August 6, 2007

My latest. . .

These gorgeous turquoise beads are beautifully set in sterling silver. The necklace is 16.5", the earrings are about 2". A very feminine look. The turquoise beads came from Turquoise Magpie.
(Necklace is SOLD!!)

Gorgeous 14kt gf lavender/mauve tourmaline drop earrings. The earwires are "slip resistant". These lovely tourmaline flat drop beads came from Turquoise Magpie.

I have never seen Kyanite this gorgeous! The stones are translucent and a gorgeous blue! (The photo does no justice to the color--the sun was not shining. The blue is a rich, brilliant sapphire blue.) The beads came from Spectrum gems.

Dalmation jasper and faceted black onyx drop 14kt gf earrings. These earrings are great to wear anywhere with anything.

Lobster Fest!

Jerry and I traveled to Rockland, Maine, for the Lobster Fest! We had a wonderful time--and fabulous weather. Here is a photo of "The World's Largest Lobster" sculpture, and King Neptune! The lobster was fantastic!!