Sunday, August 17, 2008

Middletown Peach Festival

Well, Saturday was the Sixteenth Annual Middletown (DE) Peach Festival. What a beautiful day it proved to be. It was a great day for me, as I had quite a bit of interest in my jewelry. Honestly, sales were down about 1/3 from last year, but I was very pleased with how I was received by the attendees.

Delaware's state flower is the peach blossom. Although the peach industry is insignificant now, in the early to mid 1800's, Delaware was a major peach shipper/supplier.

There was a threat of rain, but it held off...and the temperatures were perfect. Middletown's main street was a bustle of activity from just after 9:00 until almost 4:00. Of course, the parade came first...Miss Delaware, the local politicians, bands, etc. After that, folks began to walk the streets and shop. This was my 3rd Peach Festival...and I have noticed that the Fair is getting a little larger each year. A very nice event for a family outing.

My booth neighbor was my friend, Dolores Michels, who takes the most fantastic photographs. ( I think she will go far...she has been photographing for NASCAR for a couple of years now, and is becoming a regular with them. She then prints her photographs out on a very high quality cotton paper with archival inks that will last 100 years. Honestly, they look like paintings. They are just gorgeous!! Her brother began a framing business in order to appropriately frame them...and his frames are first class

Unfortunately, the wind began gusting mightily at about 3:00, so we did begin packing up shortly after that. I'm hoping that the rest of the shows I have scheduled for the remainder of the year are as pleasant as this one!