Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Advanced Silversmithing (March 2008)

Jerry and I made these rings as our first project in the advanced class. (Jerry's is the malachite on the left). He chose to leave his band smooth. Mine (the black sardonyx) has a textured band. These are not quite finished, as we want to narrow them a little, then the need to be polished.

These are the bracelets we made for our 2nd advanced class project. Jerry chose the pretty blue sodalite cabachon. He did a great job--since it was to be my bracelet, he let me design it. He did a great job--I love it! I am equally proud of my rhodonite bracelet, on the right. If you ever have a chance to take a class with Don, I would highly recommend it!

And, here is our class--except Jerry is to Don's right, and out of sight. I'm the photographer. The location is Sparkles Bead Shop in Newark, DE.

Beginning Silversmithing (November 2007)

Don Norris came to Delaware to teach beginning silversmithing to a small group of us. My Significant Other and I were very pleased with what we made. (Above) Jerry made the pendant in the top photo and I made the pendant in the lower photo. My photo isn't very good, colorwise, but these are sodalite cabachons.