Sunday, August 17, 2008

Middletown Peach Festival

Well, Saturday was the Sixteenth Annual Middletown (DE) Peach Festival. What a beautiful day it proved to be. It was a great day for me, as I had quite a bit of interest in my jewelry. Honestly, sales were down about 1/3 from last year, but I was very pleased with how I was received by the attendees.

Delaware's state flower is the peach blossom. Although the peach industry is insignificant now, in the early to mid 1800's, Delaware was a major peach shipper/supplier.

There was a threat of rain, but it held off...and the temperatures were perfect. Middletown's main street was a bustle of activity from just after 9:00 until almost 4:00. Of course, the parade came first...Miss Delaware, the local politicians, bands, etc. After that, folks began to walk the streets and shop. This was my 3rd Peach Festival...and I have noticed that the Fair is getting a little larger each year. A very nice event for a family outing.

My booth neighbor was my friend, Dolores Michels, who takes the most fantastic photographs. ( I think she will go far...she has been photographing for NASCAR for a couple of years now, and is becoming a regular with them. She then prints her photographs out on a very high quality cotton paper with archival inks that will last 100 years. Honestly, they look like paintings. They are just gorgeous!! Her brother began a framing business in order to appropriately frame them...and his frames are first class

Unfortunately, the wind began gusting mightily at about 3:00, so we did begin packing up shortly after that. I'm hoping that the rest of the shows I have scheduled for the remainder of the year are as pleasant as this one!


Wilma said...

Glad you had a great day with your craft fair. Guess the sun was shining on all us crafter this weekend. The rain held off for me until I started to drive home. Interesting information about Delaware, I never new that.
I book marked your friends website to look at later.

A Beaded Affair said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Wish I had hopped in the car and headed on down. Delaware is such a lovely little state. Glad your show went so well and good luck with the rest of them this year. Let us know where you will be. I'll have to try some Delaware peaches and compare them with Jersey. lol

Dani said...

Hi, Dee~!

Glad to hear the show went well. I have been on a pretty full show schedule the last three months and boy it sure feels good when you can say it was worthwhile. Good luck on the rest of your shows~!


ChezChani said...

I love idea of these small town type fairs. Sounds like a great time!

KimberlyRies said...

Sounds like you had a nice show this weekend. Wish I could have been at the Peach Festival. There's nothing better than fresh peaches! If you don't grow them there, do you ship them in for the festival? Glad it was a beautiful day for you.


Kelly said...

The Peach Festival sounds like a wonderful event. I love those sorts of fairs with a parade. I grew up in Kentucky and we always had great small town parades. Now I live in Southern California and the small town aspect is out the window. If we see a parade it is at Disneyland. And I would rather be at your Peach Festival. :0)

Empress Kateri said...

Oooh Peach Fest sounds like fun! I love peaches. I used to have friend who owned an orchard so that's all we ever ate. *grin*